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What is the Curley Difference?

The difference between Archbishop Curley’s approach and that of other schools boils down to Curley’s focus on the individual. This focus extends to our academic, co-curricular and technology program and is a direct reflection of our school’s Franciscan character. Curley’s size, a community of 550 students, lends itself to providing the young men in our care with all of the opportunities of a much larger school while maintaining a community where every student is valued and known by name.

What does it mean to be a Franciscan school?

Archbishop Curley is the only all-male Franciscan high school in the city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland. This means that we are shaped by the example of St. Francis of Assisi. Commonly known for his ministry to the poor and his love of nature, St. Francis tried to make real the experience of Jesus Christ in the lives of those he met. The Franciscan Friars who minister at Curley and the men and women with whom they work all strive to instill the spirit of St. Francis.

What is Curley looking for in an applicant?

Archbishop Curley seeks a young man who is achieving to his academic potential, has an interest in participating in our co-curricular program, has a deep respect for the rich tradition of Archbishop Curley High School, is dedicated to contributing positively to the culture of the “Curley Family” and strives to become a great man.

What is the cost of tuition and is financial aid available?

Tuition for the 2022-23 school year is $17,080. Each family has the opportunity to apply for financial aid and Curley works hard to provide aid to families in need. Last year alone we distributed more than $1 million in aid. Families applying for financial aid must complete the Application for Financial Aid through FACTS. All students who apply to Curley are eligible for all merit based academic scholarships, endowed scholarships, general grants, athletic grants and instrumental music scholarships.

What does the typical academic schedule look like for a freshman student?

The typical freshman schedule consists of six full credit and two half credit courses. The core curriculum for freshmen consists of courses in Theology, English, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Math and Science. Curley operates on a six-day cycle schedule with rotating class periods. Freshmen have two study hall periods built into the six-day cycle.

What is the average class size?

The average class size at Curley is 21 students.

How does Curley incorporate technology into the classroom?

Archbishop Curley features a 1:1 iPad program, through which students are utilizing cutting-edge technology in each of their academic courses on a daily basis. As a result of this emphasis on technology, we have been able to reduce the number of text books and lower the cost associated with purchasing texts for the year. Students are able to access a multitude of resources in the classroom and at home allowing them to engage the course material in new and exciting ways. Our lessons are designed to incorporate these varied elements and as teachers we are able to provide a more dynamic learning experience.

How are academics at Curley structured?

Curley’s philosophy of 21st century active learning recognizes that instruction must be student-centered, for the days of lecturing are past. Education today is collaborative, with students learning to work together on projects, in finding answers, in seeking workable solutions. Active learning is employed by notable universities across the country. Curley continues with the traditional goal of wanting its students to find success and happiness, but also to be prepared to be lifelong learners, true contributors to the common good of society. As a 1-1 iPad school the Curley student has the world’s knowledge in his hands, and with others learns how to effectively access knowledge and use it responsibly.

Moreover, A Curley education is in the Franciscan tradition, a tradition that began in the universities of 13th century Europe. The goals of a Franciscan education are three-fold: to convey information, as a basis of all learning; to offer formation, for the best-lived life of each individual; and to encourage transformation, the spiritual growth of a person in relation to his God.

Curley offers 3 college prep pathways.

The Honors College Prep Pathway are designed to challenge the highly talented and motivated student to pursue the AP and Honors courses, the dual-enrollment courses, and the availability of personalized attention to develop his gifts and know how to use them. For an elite group of students, the St. Bonaventure Scholars are challenged beyond the standard honors criteria to engage in their personal academic group leading to a Capstone Project. Special programs throughout the four years give a breadth, and a challenge, to their learning that goes well beyond the classroom.

Curley’s General College Prep Pathway focuses on the 21st Century skills needed for success in the modern world. A student’s placement is evaluated on a regular basis by the faculty to ensure a challenging and appropriate curriculum. In addition to preparing students for college, the College Counseling Program works with students and parents, beginning in the freshman year, to find the best college for each young man, and for that young man to reach his goals.

The Anthony College Prep Pathway is a multifaceted college preparatory program intentionally designed for young men of diverse backgrounds who are in need of adaptive learning practices due to academic challenges, a diagnosed learning difference, or socio-economic challenges.

How do families schedule a visit?

A Friar For A Day visit is the best way to experience al that Curley has to offer. Schedule a Friar For A Day visit by creating an account and registering for a convenient time using our interactive calendar.

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Does Curley accept transfer students?

Archbishop Curley accepts transfer students for matriculation in its sophomore and junior classes. Curley will accept senior transfers only in special circumstances and will review these applications on an individual basis. It is expected that transfer students will begin their tenure at Curley at the beginning of the school year, but the school will in some cases allow students to transfer at the end of the first quarter or at mid-year.

What is the student dress code?

The student dress code at Curley consists of dress or khaki pants, a solid-colored dress shirt, dress shoes, a tie/bowtie. A sport coat is required from October through April.

Does Curley provide College Counseling services?

Archbishop Curley features two full-time college counselors and provides comprehensive college counseling services to all students. On average, 98% of our graduates continue on to college, and last year the Class of 2022 received more $14.3 million in merit scholarships from 132 four-year colleges and universities in 12 states. In recent years Curley graduates have been accepted into some of the nation’s finest universities including Brown, Clemson, Arizona State, West Point, Columbia, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Morehouse, Virginia, Howard, Johns Hopkins and many others. Curley men have tremendous opportunities upon graduation.

What kinds of activities can my son participate in after school?

Archbishop Curley offers a comprehensive athletics program featuring 28 teams in 14 sports, an award-winning fine arts program and a multitude of clubs, intramural sports, and students organizations. Students are encouraged to participate in multiple co-curricular activities and involve themselves in school life.

Does Curley offer the opportunity for students to take Advanced Placement courses?

Archbishop Curley offers 15 Advanced Placement (AP) and college level courses. In 2022, Curley students earned 297 college credits through AP and Dual Enrollment Offerings.